National Standard exemplary entity in 2021

.The head of Iran--s National Standards Organization and the accompanying delegation visited the production unit of SEPEHR MONAVAR Industrial Group, which has won the title of national exemplary unitDuring this visit, Gholamreza Shariati, head of the National Standards Organization of Iran, considered the production of 500 types of lighting products in the production complex of SEPEHR MONAVAR Industrial Group to be unique, and the main mission of the organization is to support and protect the production units that set quality as the criterion for their work.

.Standard enumeration

Referring to Iran--s history of industrialization in the 60s and 70s, he added: One of the criteria for entering the field of production, from the perspective of experts at that time, was the tendency

.of businessmen to produce the same product because they believed that part of the necessary infrastructure for product production in the country is provided by imports

He mentioned the importation of various types of lighting to the production of this product in high variety in SEPEHR MONAVAR Industrial Group and said: production, job creation and

.trade are necessary for a dynamic economy and the standard organization supports the units that look at entrepreneurship, job creation and export
Shariati went on to state that substandard and low-quality products are affecting reputable production units, and emphasized: By concluding a memorandum with the lighting lamp

.manufacturers-- association, we will not allow the entry of low-quality products, endangering the health of the society and tarnish the name of the Iranian manufacturer

Shariati stated that quality is the most important factor for the survival and sustainability of production companies, and emphasized: By referring to the Law on Strengthening and Developing

.the Standard System, fraud in production will be dealt with seriously and radically

Mahmoudreza Taheri, Director General of Standards of Tehran Province, also appreciated the efforts of this group to improve the quality level of production Taheri mentioned the importation of

.smuggled goods as a threat to domestic production and said: "Unfortunately, underground workshops with unknown brands bring low-quality goods to the market."

He considered the national determination to deal with this problem at the root necessary and said: by concluding a memorandum of cooperation with the producers, we can

.have a healthy market free of low-quality and non-standard products

The production unit of SEPEHR MONAVAR Industrial Group has 4 compulsory and incentive licenses from this general department for street lights, LED lamps and

.floodlights with a production capacity of 10 million pieces per year

The head of Iran--s National Standards Organization and the accompanying delegation visited different departments of the manufacturing company of

.SEPEHR MONAVAR Industrial Group, a manufacturer of all kinds of lamps and lighting fixtures