Edison Opto

.EDISON OPTO has established its headquarters in New Taipei, Taiwan since 2001
.This company is a professional LED manufacturer with expertise in designing and producing high power LEDs, solid state lighting and LED sensors
.In response to the rapid growth of demand, EDISON OPTO has established factories in Dongguan and Yangzhou
Also, in order to expand the scope of its services, this company has set up a representative office in the United States, and in the form of its global service network, it provides

.full product support and immediate service delivery to the customers
The company's focus is on high-power LEDs and brand management, and in its service program, it offers customized design and product services, including parts

.supply, optical design, modules and high bay lighting fixtures
EDISON OPTOs strengths in research and development have been well recognized by the government of Taiwan, so that in 2005 they managed to achieve 100W high power LED and in

.December 2006, they lunched the brand EDI STAR, with its first product with 6000 lumens output and created a new milestone for Taiwan technology
.In addition, this company has allocated huge investment and human resources for research and development in the field of the latest high-power LED technology
.SEPEHR MONAVAR Industrial Group has started its cooperation with Edison company in 2006, and since 2013, it has been the exclusive and strategic representative of EDISON in Iran
Since the beginning of the cooperation of the research and development departments of both companies have established a close relationship with each other and included special

.products for the Iranian market in their development and production plan