Sonoff Smart

.SONOFF is actually a subset of a holding company and group called ITEAD

.ITEAD was established in 2010 in Shenzhen, China

.In 2015, a subsidiary company called SONOFF (SMART ON OFF), was created in ITEAD

The purpose of designing and producing SONOFF products by the parent manufacturer was to operate in the field of electronic boards, micro-controllers, HMI touch screens and the production of IoT equipment supported under the Wi-Fi protocol, whose infrastructure is based on Wireless infrastructure

.The first product of the SONOFF brand called Sonoff Basic was released to the smart equipment market in the field of designing and manufacturing IoT and Wi-Fi equipment

.SONOFF products are famous and well-known worldwide due to their cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and implementation, quick start-up, and online sales and marketing

Since that year, many efforts have been made to design and develop products supported by Wi-Fi, wireless, ZigBee protocols and wired protocols such as RS485, and such

.products have been released to the market in the form of SONOFF products

Another part of ITEAD company's products is HMI touch screens, which are known in the market under the sub-branch of NEXSION, which is a combination of touch screens and smart


In the last few years, two new products have been introduced by SONOFF, which are:

1- Touch scenario key - NS Panel model

2-Touch scenario key - NS Panel Pro model

After the research conducted by the Sepehr Monavar R&D department on the SONOFF brand, and the examination of the needs of the domestic market by the company's experts and a visit

.to the manufacturer's factory in China, SEPEHR MOAVAR company management decided to be involved in this field
.In 2017, SEPEHR MONAVAR Industrial Group succeeded in obtaining the exclusive representation of SONOFF products in Iran