EDC Professional Lighting

.Electro Dehghan Company, started working in the field of electrical appliances and equipment since 1986

.Over time, since 1993, Electro Dehghan expanded its activity in the lighting industry

.Since 2001, Electro Dehghan Company decided to launch the “EDC” brand in order to supply lighting products with good quality to the market

.After 20 years since the beginning of the Company's activities, more than 1000 items of goods under the EDC brand name are available in the market

.Now the EDC brand is part of Sepehr Monavar Industrial Group's activities. Expanding diversity and providing after-sales services are a few of this industrial group's strategies

Currently, more than 400 people are working in Sepehr Monavar Industrial Group in the Production, Laboratories, Research & Development, ,Supply Chain,Warehouse Sales After-Sales Service, Marketing depts. and etc